Who We Are

Think of us as your very own Marketing Department

adGroup Marketing is a fully integrated one stop agency with a sharp focus on guiding small and medium size business to success.  Every business has it's own reason to exist... it's own Unique Value Proposition. Defining that is what identifies the right path for the future. That's where we start. Getting the inside of your business aligned first is essential. We understand the pressures of business and with that in mind we develop affordable marketing and advertising plans into financially manageable stages. Typically we start by closely looking inside our clients business to fully understand their business and resources. We work as part of our clients team to uncover the unique value they offer their customers. Once this is done we can then finalise branding, website design and online and offline campaign messages.

We stand for strategically driven creative communication with a clear "what's in it for your customer" message. We are fiercely against ego driven creativity getting in the way of the message. We are here to sell your stuff or your service. That's our job.

Ken Johns

Ken has extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industry throughout Australia, with businesses large and small. He has consulted to Government at Federal and State level and had many years of dealing at Board level with major international and national companies, as an advisor and consultant in all matters of marketing, including brand strategy, company culture and communications across all media. Ken has played a significant role in the launch of many of today’s new products, brands and services. He has established a number of successful companies from foundation up, as well as sold, merged and acquired companies and understands the complexities of merging company cultures into one single minded direction. As well as owning his own businesses Ken has worked for global and national advertising and marketing groups in a client management and creative capacity across many industries.

Matthew Owen

Matt offers over 15 years experience in marketing management roles and understands how a successful marketing department operates.

With experience across small business and publicly listed companies, Matt has a broad range of marketing talents, including research, brand and product development, pricing strategy, sales strategy, campaign management, public relations and event management.
With a passion for marketing and all things digital, Matt is currently completing a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing which will provide a valuable resource that business owners can tap into.

Matt loves getting back to basics with business owners. He believes being successful requires three simple things.
Understand your business, understand your market and understand your value to your customer.