Starting a new business

There are many considerations when starting a new business. Competitors, pricing strategy, your business name, a new website, how are you going to attract customers?, who is your target market?, how will you communicate with your customers, what is your cash flow going to be like? A fair degree of priority order is essential and we can help you with that.

Increasing sales

Your business is established but the phone isn’t ringing, nobody is walking through the door and you aren’t sure about social marketing. We can coach you in that or do it for you

Making my business more professional

You just want to look more professional. First impressions count. A cleverly designed logo and positioning statement and branding will set you apart from your competitors. It’s what we do at affordable prices.

Making my website work better

It isn’t enough to just have a website anymore. Your website needs to engage, educate and interact. And of course you need to be found on Google!! It’s your 24/7 shopfront and needs attention on a regular basis. We make websites work better at affordable prices.

Getting a new website

As your 24/7 shopfront your website plays a vital role in engaging your customers and establishing trust. Ask about our affordable website packages.

Getting a professional video

Did you know YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine only after Google? Video plays a vital role in introducing your business to potential clients. In today’s world, video is no longer expensive. We’ll show you why.

Learning how to market my business

You may not know much about marketing just as we don’t know much about being a mechanic and many other jobs. We do know about marketing and we can work with you so you can get up to speed with the things like social media marketing, uncovering prospects and converting sales.